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To Feel Younger & Beautiful

Be Age Defying!  

Live a Kickass Life Fearlessly 


Start on Your Way to Financal Success!


As an Independent Brand Partner of Nerium I offer women of all ages holistic anti-aging skincare products to feel younger and combat aging, especially premature aging due to the stress of finances, parenting, and unhealthy relationships.  


Additionally, because this is a global brand and multi-level marketing company, I also offer women information about joining companies like Nerium and the financial opportunities available to sustain a path to financial independence.  Getting out of unhealthy relationships isn't always easy, but there are ways to start making money and build a life for you without it being a burden on the family.


Nerium has been feautured in several magazines including Cosmo, Lifestyle, Fortune 500, and Success magazine for their night cream, business model, company philosophy, and age defying reults!    


See website link below to get your beauty on!  -I*V

To Be Financially Secure

Part of helping women become fearless is by implementing empowering strategies to gain freedom from the invisible strings placed on them. Finances and homeownership are the most powerful of them!   


The #1 fear women have when it comes to leaving unhealthy relationships is knowing where they will live.

Statistically, 50% of the homeless population comes from women and children escaping abusive homes.

This is alarming!


The second fear is "will I be left penniless"

(or rececive any of the money from the sale of our home)?

These are REAL concerns women have. 


This is why I decided to join a real estate team.

I've built my I*V Brand and made financial investments with women and children in mind.


When it comes to finances, 

Real Estate is still the #1 investment a person can make in their life. 

Not only is it a financial choice on where to live and how to best provide for your family, it is a decision to create physical and financial security. 


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you couldn’t leave your home because you had nowhere to go, or where you got into a home your family couldn't afford then, you're not alone.


Keeping a stable environment and roof over the heads of the people you love is what matters most. You need knowledge.

You need financial understanding about your situation.

You need a plan! 


I'm here to help.


With current rates, specialized lending programs, and refinancing options being more customized than ever, people have more flexibility to focus on getting the space, desireable neighborhoods, and home they need when it comes to getting what they want! 


Even so, buying or selling a home isn't really about the market or interest rates. It's about building your dreams and making smart financial decisions at a time in your life when it matters most.


Whether you or someone you know is in a happy relationship, expanding their family, starting to rethink their marriage, or getting ready to care for aging parents they will need a real estate agent.

If you know a woman or family in need of lending options, of life changes, or who simply needs real estate answers, the gift of referral is the best compliment I could receive. See my website link below and start getting super excited about the rest of your life! 


To Be Desired & Live Happily-Ever-After!

(with or without Prince Charming)


Get what you want for you!

Get Motivated. Gain Confidence. Be Desired.  

Live the Life of Your Dreams!


Women want financial security, supportive relationships, to raise happy healthy children, have great sex, take on the world, and live their passion and purpose with a great man by their side.  

So how do we get there?  


Click Link Below.

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