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Join us for our Personality Masterclass Replay! Where you will have a complete work guide with tools and shortcuts to learn everything you need to know about how to influence people and effectively communicate in both your personal & professional life!


(Yes! This includes both in sales & dating too!!!!)


Common questions we seldom reflect on to ask are if personality is to blame for communication gone wrong?


Also, are you or the people in your life set up to fail or thrive based on your personality styles? Can you have effective goal-setting with someone who needs all the details if you're someone who just wants a bottom-line?


What if you could know exactly who's in front of you and how to relate to them in an effort to create deep, meaningful connections to influence decisions or conversations taking you towards your 'yes'?


How would understanding your personality and theirs enhance your romantic and professional relationships? ... Or would it? 


In a debut MASTERCLASS launch on the topic of communication and how personality and behavioral styles affect our ability to thrive in our relationships, Global Business Coach & National Leader Yvonne A. Jones along with Confidence Trainer & Relationship Coach Invincible Victoria bring you an exciting informative masterclass on how to shift your dialogue and lead you towards getting what you want for you!



Join us for our unique Personality & Behaviors Masterclass on Communication designed to break down how to speak with just about anyone in order to reach your full potential in your relationships and your business without sacrificing who you are in the process!


Together we will:

  • Explore your personality at work and at home (which may actually be different!) and share the ins and outs of how you relate to others…


  • Discuss INVISIBLE STRESS created when we aren't able to express our thoughts and ideas effectively, how it creates anxiety and how to recognize becoming more you without reservation...


  • We will help you understand how different personality styles NEED to hear your message in order to receive it (and give you some tools to use along the way) …


  • and debunk the myth that your relationship issues are the result of being "socially awkward", "an introvert" or the other things we are told along the way.

Join us now by reserving your seat today! 

A downloadable link for the replay will be sent in the confirmation along with work guide!


Let's get this party started... shall we?! 

Click register and let's go!!! 

XoXo - I*V Invincible Victoria


For Live Events: Only 98 Seats available!

Can't make the Masterclass at this day & time? You can still register and the course will be sent to you complete with Q&A from our live participants! Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to talk about the things you need to know to live your best-self and relate to others in an expansive way to get out of life, love, business, and relationships what you want for you! -I*V

Relationships & Personalities: A Masterclass on the Relationships You're In

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