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Is communication affecting your most important relationships? What about your work life? Could a difference of Personality & Behavioral Styles be to blame for keeping you from happiness, romance, and financial success?


Invincible Victoria, here!  As a Relationship Coach & Confidence Trainer, I've noticed a lot of people falling short in personal relationships and in their sales cycle because they don't understand the person in front of them. So, I decided to bring in the expert, Global Business Leader & Personality Specialist Yvonne A. Jones to give an introduction to personality & behavioral styles and how it may be playing out in each area of your life. 


During this 30-minute introductory live webinar Yvonne and I will cover:


  • How sending and receiving messages are impacted by behavioral styles


  • Personality conflicts “I know he loves me. Why can’t we get along?”


  • How acknowledging communication styles can help you thrive in the workplace


  • Introduce the DISC assessment & what it says about you and your behavior


  • Identify observable behaviors and communication tips for one behavioral style. ...Could it be yours?


You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of how behavioral styles can influence outcomes in the home, in relationships in the family, work, and business. 


This Live WEBINAR will be January 31 2019 @ Noon! 

Join us by reserving your seat now! 


Can't make the Webinar at this day & time? That's okay, we've got you covered! : ) You can still register today and the course will be sent to you and available completely FREE for your viewing pleasure! 


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to talk about the things you need to know to live your best-self and relate to others in an expansive way to get out of life, love, business, and relationships what you want for you! -I*V

Personality Styles & Your Relationships FREE Webinar

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