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Because you shouldn't have to wait on love when you could be centering and manifesting love to come to you when this is all over!!!  :) 


Unhealthy, Toxic, Power & Control Based Relationships do something to us - they re-wire our brains.


In doing so, we go one way or the other. We either need someone to save us, or we push everyone away. There's not a lot of gray area here which makes it easier to continue sending (what feels like 'sonar ray') signals to the wrong men.  YES, EVEN IF WE ARE STRONG, AMAZING, CONFIDENT BEAUTIFUL TAKE-NO-SH*T WOMEN.


Like it or not, after going through a traumatic break-up filled with betrayal or one-sided affection, women wear their issues like a scarlet letter.  Again, even if you're the upfront take-no sh*t type of gal.  And it's okay. Because, we all go a little crazy post-traumatic break-up. I know I sure did!


So many women ask when it's appropriate to date.... and there is no right or wrong answer. The catch 22 is that when we’re living in our ideals and coming from a low point, we push away healthy relationships because our base of understanding what we need vs. what we THINK we want/need are programmed by a lot of bullsh*t that happened in the past.


There is only one question you need to ask yourself when it comes to love. It's a tough one but a worthy one when you break it all down. The question is:




Seems simple. It’s not. 


As you know, relationships are multi-dimensional with many layers. Someone who looks great on paper may not meet any of the expectations you truly had leaving you wondering why it’s not matching up. Whereas someone who is great in bed and the chemistry fits seems to lack every other detail in creating any sort of sustainable relationships beyond weekends away and middle-of-the-day rendezvous. 


No one likes to wonder if a man is secretly married. And some women thrive on dating men who are married because it keeps them safe from attachment. (No judgment. Simply stating facts.)


This is why I’m here, to help.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a planner, an adventurer, a punk rocker, an analytical problem solver, or a creative.... My blueprint gives you the layout for your desired romance & relationship goals serving as a masterplan each and every time you meet someone or find yourself inside a relationship asking “is this what I truly want?” This sets the foundation so once the nuerology takes hold, you can be damn sure you're getting what you want and not being over-taken by a mix of hormones, highs, and the adrenaline from meeting someone new.  Because let's face it. Sometimes we meet someone and it's nice (really nice!) but, are they really meeting our needs or killing boredom? Are they someone you just got..... (get ready for it.. the C word coming) ...  COMFORTABLE with?  How would it feel to never fear not staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons ever again? Can you imagine having the power to build relationships instead of hoping some guy likes you back? 


I've create a personalized Blueprint to Love to answer the ONE and ONLY question that truly matters when it comes to owning your love-life, getting over the bullsh*t of a sucky ex, and getting what you want for you in your new do-over life! (yes, after the hell you've been through with your ex, you TOTALLY get a second-chance do-over-life your terms! And it is going to be filled with sexy, happy, fun-loving moments created by the one and only YOU!!!)


If you saw my video on the 5 Lies We Tell Ourselves to Overcome Our Dating Issues, then you already know that there's more, much much more, to the stories we tell ourselves when it comes to the ideas that:

- "He Better Like Me This Way"

- "I'll Know When I Know" 

- "I Don't Attract Men I Like"

- "God Will Bring Me a Parnter"

- "He's not Worthy vs. I'm Not Ready"

...and the Bonus #1 thing keeping you from Relationships that Rock... 

how "All Men Just Want Sex" ...


In this Workguide complete with Video Tutorials you be emailed lessons & assignments and spend 21 days answering that ONE QUESTION. I know! I KNOW!!!! Who does that?! (You! .. The answer is YOU!... Because you're so worth it and that guy out there looking for you, he's worth it too!)


Clients have been AMAZED by what they discover about how they used to perceive potential suitors and what they believed they were looking for and how much they were limiting their dating game by buying into the bullsh*t they've been programmed to think in the battle of the sexes. Most of which just isn't true!

Don’t even have an idea of what you want and only know what you don’t? I bet you’ve heard that’s wrong. Nope! Getting clear on what you don't want can work too!! We work on this together and tackle the issue from the inside out. :) 


In my course designed most especially for the woman whose been through betrayal, unhealthy, power & control type crazy relationships, (or who recently dated an dude and it went terribly wrong) you will:


 - acknowledge self-limiting beliefs (that have been programmed into you about dating & relationships) to attract the love you want...


- sort Fiction from Reality to get a clearer picture and see the other person for who they are rather than the idea we have when we first meet 


- present yourself as a person of High-Value woman to potential suitors you’re (actually) interested in


- acknowledge what you truly desire versus idealized relationship-goals that are unrealistic so you can start building the foundation to your relationships with each person you meet...


 - and create your love story!


You can finally let your hair down when it comes to your love-life and date whoever you want and attract the men you're into because you will be removing the icy protective exterior and allow yourself (within the scope of our work together) to show vulnerability to the opposite sex without fearing it will give someone control or allow them to harm you. 


As if having a Blueprint to getting what you want for you weren't enough on the dating scene, you will also be able to:


- forgive yourself for "feeling stupid" over a dude or not seeing your last relationship for what it was sooner (which is the #1 complaint I get from women who are finally ready to move-on)


- turn your PERCEIVED relationship Weaknesses into Strengths


- and finally, get the man you want who you think is out of your league (but who is actually perfect for you)!!


Instead of feeling fed-up with your dating game & relationships and mixed-message "how-to" dating guides, grab your confidence, CLICK THE LINK & let's get this party started to start attracting the love you desire & deserve! Isn't it time you feel confident and secure in the relationships you're in?! I think so too! 

It's your turn to Get What You Want for You! 


XoXo - I*V Invincible Victoria


Click above for my Workguide + Video Tutorial Dating Guide.

I*V's Blueprint to Love Workguide + Video Tutorial

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