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SELF-LOVE: Deal-Breakers!

Preliminary Dating Deal-Breakers your list should also include: Love-Bombing - not respecting your need for space and time without his interruption despite your requests for him to do so.

Repeatedly reassuring you - "we're just having fun" to make you feel at ease when you don't.

Physical Aggression directed at you or an onlooker who was not an imminent threat to you, regardless of how charming it may seem that he's "protective."

Following you into restrooms or checking in the restroom for you after dinner if you "take too long" in the bathroom. He's not making sure you're okay. He has a phone. You have a phone. He can text you. It's not charming or caring. It's an overstep of boundaries.

Making repeated physical advances toward you under the guise of "you're just so beautiful I can't control myself." Not okay. I can't control myself around a wedding cake but I don't go and cut it before it's time at a wedding. If you have to wait for the cake, he can wait for you. So, no!

He says something specific is about to happen but then it doesn't. For example, he states he ordered an expensive bottle of champagne or wine or alcohol and it never arrives. This is a no. He's testing you to see if you're paying attention, how vulnerable you are, if you can keep up, and your demeanor and personality.

On a first or second date, he asks you a question about himself that he believes he told you and if you don't know the answer he states he gave it to you already and that you weren't listening. OR, you ask him a question and he states he's already told you the answer and doesn't offer it up again or tells you you it offends him because you aren't listening as much as he is to you. He's testing you to see if you're paying attention, how vulnerable you are, and if you can keep up. This is a manipulation tactic. He wants to test his victim.

He gets insanely aggravated over the date causing a scene demanding for a refund from the establishment he's at with you.

He places his hands on you, your shoulder, holds your hand and becomes physical in public making it appear you are together to the obvious surroundings when you've only known each other for a mere two hours.

You feel off all the time and can't figure it out. Trust your intuition.

With Love!

-I*V - XoXo InvincibleVictoria XoXo

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