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SELF-LOVE: A Love Letter to YOU!

A Love Letter to You from your Coach: Yes, you are beautiful. And while you're so busy picking out all of your imperfections, I'm looking down on you basking in your radiance. All that you are and have always been, that sometimes you don't feel but truly are... you are - amazing.

I wish I could reach into the depths of your heart and love you the way you have loved others. I wish all that love you've given away found it's way back to you in a way that you knew just how much others value and admire you. It's not enough these words but to truly look at your reflection and see what I see.

There is no man that could love you better than me. Yet even so, I know he's there waiting for you to love you as much as I do. And in doing so, two hearts connect and it is because to find love is to become love. To give of yourself, your time, your heart, your vulnerability.. to not fear what is fearful. To say yes when you can't see the end of the story or where it might even begin. To live your grand adventure. And to find love that fits, starting from within. XoXo - I*V

With Love!

-I*V - XoXo InvincibleVictoria XoXo

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