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Part III - Letting Go of the Past! ASSIGNMENT

Learning from the past & letting go can bring you your best future!

Heartbreak is never easy. In fact, heartbreak is actually trauma in a sense. It takes its toll on your entire body.

If a significant amount of time has elapsed since heartbreak, you may not even be aware of some of the things your heart still hangs on to.

Coming from unhealthy relationships, trauma, or a relationship filled with betrayal can be debilitating. Of course, it doesn't feel that way to you now. You've lived it. You're over it. You're invincible! You've got this! Right?! 

Well, you do now! As soon as you're done with this assignment you will be well aware and on point to handle everything that's to come, that's for sure!

See Video & Work Guide Page Below:

DISCLAIMER: While this section is not intended to take anyone down (what I call) the "Rabbit Whole of Doom" (i.e. getting lost in past memories) if this should bring up any emotional trauma or issues, I highly recommend reaching out to a licensed therapist trained in trauma if you feel it is too much for you to explore.

As always, I am here as a coach and can help only in an effort to move you towards your goals, share energy, and help you regain confidence that someone was a real d*bag to you and you deserve better. I don't explore your past. I can only help to identify, recognize, and move you forward. As always, I'm here if you need me.  You can book online by clicking here :)   

With Love!

-I*V - XoXo InvincibleVictoria XoXo

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