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Find your WHY....

Hi There!

Dive deep...Gain clarity today...

Review & Validate what it is you truly want from the previous assignment (in your perfect love story) and today we're going to acknowledge the truth about what you're looking for and why.

This helps attract and determine the people you will meet and let into your circle and, also it shows the inner work that may be required to bring a sense of wholeness into your life to attract a higher vibration and higher value people. (Value = valuable to you and your needs.)

Because we attract what we are, what also might begin to happen is you find you're attracting people looking for the same things you are. Such as, if you're seeking money, you may inadvertently be attracting other people who are also seeking money instead of attracting those with money. Big difference. Be aware.

This list helps you identify your motivation for securing and building a successful relationship and your (subconscious made conscious) commitment to doing so.

Finding romance may be a short-lived endeavor that can be experienced through online dating and adventure during a mood or a feeling at whim. The "why" in this case may not be enough to keep us motivated to connect or stay connected in the long-term with the person we meet unless it's on our terms - which is not a great base for long-lasting relationships. However, may work in your short-term. On the contrary, securing someone to build a relationship with who wants to help you raise your children is a much more involved process involving values, morals, and a solid-base to be established.

Your need for help in the parenting department (or piecing back together your family) may weigh heavily in your thoughts and create an active motivation to scan every room, playground, and social networking event for good daddies.. This is often subconscious and can lead us into hot water when we're not aware of it and not taking the time to evaluate a person's true being versus what we think we're getting out of the deal.... To be clear, a desire for romance can far outweigh a need for parenting help and nothing here is black & white. What is important and motivating to you is important and motivating to you! If it keeps you motivated and active in seeking your perfect love story, then it's a why and goes on the list.

Don't forget to consider your why may simply be for adventure, and to do something new! It may be to get back at an ex, or to prove to yourself you're ready for real again! Get clear! Be sure! Do you!

Yes, this includes trying to network your way to the top, break into an industry, and using dating as a tool to get to places you believe you want to go. Get clear! Be sure!

With Love! -I*V -

XoXo InvincibleVictoria XoXo


Once you start dating more and more, you may see your reasons change over time once you start getting your "whys" met, be it via a romantic relationship or other means. XoXo - I*V

Remember: Be Honest. Be Raw. Be Real. Be You!

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