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  • Jackie-Victoria

Stop the Insanity! Stop Punishing Yourself! ...Live a Little!

Stop the inanity! Stop punishing yourself!

You made a wrong choice, a bad decision, or totally and royally screwed up. I get it! We all do.

It's time to take the good with the bad. It happens.

Who cares if you didn't remember someone's name or if the shoes didn't match the dress?

No one.

Made a bad decision in love?

We all do at some point or another.

Lessons get learned.

Learn them and move on.

If you keep punishing yourself, you will never love yourself to find the grace to grow. Because most often we punish ourselves far beyond the scope of what we should have.

It's like learning how to walk, falling down, and deciding to never try again. And that just doesn't make sense, does it?

So you've been played the fool... doesn't that happen to all of us at some point in time?

And if it hasn't, are you really stepping outside of our comfort zone and exploring your life?

One, two, or even three bad relationships (no matter who they are with) don't mean you're unlovable. It simply means it's time to make better choices that suit your needs.

Everything in life is a stepping stone to get us to where we are going.

Nothing is finite.

Mistakes allow us to grow.

Maybe you chose the wrong guy and now you don't trust yourself to make good decisions when it comes to meeting someone new. Or maybe you cheated on someone so you feel you will never again be worthy of love. And every time something bad happens in a relationship you remind yourself of just how much you deserve it.

Perhaps you're behind on your bills, so you skip the party next door, even though it's free, because you feel there is no way you can have fun while everything is going wrong. You don't deserve a life while the bills go unpaid. Right?


What if you had met your future spouse, a new client, or a prospective business partner at that party? Would it have been worth it then?

What does it cost to isolate ourselves when we aren't feeling stellar?

Put on your favorite pair of pair of sexy heels and get the hell back out there! But this time it isn't for them, it's for you! Knock-out the bad attitude issues, and force yourself to have some fun.

Because you never know who you'll meet or what is to come.

If you wake up on a good day and everything can go wrong, isn't it possible to wake up on a bad day and have everything go right?

Such is the case with Brandi, who woke up to learn her business partner had just stolen all $42,000 of their quarterly earnings, sold all of the equipment for the business they had started, and left the country. It put their company out of business overnight and left her holding the bag figuring out how to make ends meet. Getting ready for the flight home after learning the news, she stopped in a bar and decided to have a drink. Chatting with the woman next to her in response to the standard, "how you doing?" question all strangers ask she responded with an matter of fact answer.

Within an hour that woman turned out to be her new business venture. With a contract written on a napkin and a $10,000 check as a start-up investment, Brandi was back in business. All because she had a beer, was honest about the situation, didn't feel sorry for herself, and held her own simply stating with determination, she'd find a way to start again.

Some things happen sooner than later. And yes, that is the true story of one of my clients. By the time I became invested with them only 3-years after this incident, Brandi had grown her company to a $5 million dollar enterprise from that $10,000 check from a person who is still a client of hers today. They doubled profits every year since.

Brandi's original business partner certainly got the short end of the stick. Ask any working mom, and she will tell you $42,000 isn't going to get you far... well, maybe if you're in Mexico. But, if Mexico is so great, why do so many people move out?

Good things happen to bad people.

Bad things happen to good people.

In the same respect:

Good things happen to good people. Try not to forget that. Focus on you and the positives that can happen in life. It's okay to dream after disaster. After all, dreams wouldn't exist if we had everything we wanted.

Oh .... and who cares if bad things happen to bad people? It is just a matter of time before karma catches up to them. In the end, if you're focused on your life, you don't have time or energy to worry about someone else's. (And when that happens, half your issues will disappear.)


"Stop the insanity!

Stop punishing yourself and live a little!

You never know what adventures might come!" -I*V

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