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  • by Jackie-Victoria

Temptation Leads to Mediocrity

Why are men we can't have more alluring than men who are emotionally open and willing to commit?

Why is TV more fascinating than the rush of adrenaline after going to the gym?

Why is a Wendy's Jr. Bacon cheeseburger so tempting when it makes us feel like crap an hour later? Remember that New Year's commitment to be healthy? (I do..)

For a minutes, I want you to think about your reaction when you meet that man who intrigues you but doesn't swoon on your every word. You kinda play a little game called, "manipulation" trying to figure out how to get him to pay attention to you. (Don't lie to yourself. We all do it - even subconsciously.)

Universally, just as no one wants to get out of bed in the morning, everyone is tired after work. But what mentally happens when you drive past the gym straight to your driveway and decide changing into your pj's and watching the latest episode of Castle is more in line with what you deserve? (Because honestly, who doesn't want to leave work in their sexy workout attire and making heads turn innocently proclaiming their "headed to the gym?" After all, Castle is on record.)

What happens during that pivitol moment when hunger strikes and we are too hungry to think straight? We justify and make excuses ...

We settle for things every single day.

No more justifying and making excuses.

That part of your life is over.

Question: "Victoria, Is it settling if you don't know what you want?

Well, only you can answer that. However, I will tell you that it is human nature to know what we don't want in life rather than what we do. What takes practice is recognizing how important it is to focus on what we do want and taking action towards it.

Settling is oppositie of commitment.

Commitment is really a decision taken to the extreme.

Commitment is a decision you make every effort possible not to go back on unless there is a reason to. A commitment is an intentional decision because it is something that has been both emotionally and factually evaluated.

Just as it's never good to play the stock market based on a single emotion, it's never good to make a commitment based on a solitary experience.

Don't settle. Get what you want - for you! You deserve it?

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