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  • by Jackie-Victoria


Have you ever taken a job knowing it didn't meet your needs believing it would get you to the position in the company you wanted to go? Have you ever slept with someone and woke up the next morning and felt perhaps that wasn't the best choice? Or have you ever found yourself in the arms of someone you didn't expect and suddenly, you decide to stay even though you knew that person wasn't right for you?

That's called "Settling!"

'Settling is to encounter and be fooled by a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing' -I*V

Settling happens when the rush of emotion takes hold convincing you that having something is better than nothing. Settling is justified with logic telling you that by making this move, it will get you to the next level.

"But, Victoria," you say, "Isn't having a job better than not having a job? Isn't having a warm body lying next to you better than having no body at all?"

While that may be what feels good at the time, it isn't going to pay off in the end unless you're strong enough to know that those jobs and people are simply stepping stones to get to where you are going. Let's be honest, no one, including you, likes to see themselves as being a 'user' which, essentially is what you are when faced in this predicament.

The raw reality however, is that women are notorious for lying to themselves about their intentions and about their level of strength. Because when it comes time to kick a bad habit or make a move, the flood of justifying mediocre and not wanting to "offend," "hurt", or come across as "bitchy" comes to the forefront. Nine time out of ten, a woman won't make the move until forced or triggered.

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