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  • by Jackie-Victoria

Your Commitment is to Yourself

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do for others but when it comes to doing for yourself, often it can be a challenge? Guess what? If this is you, it means you're human. (If it's not you, you're ahead of the game!)

You've made your resolutions this year. You're sticking to them. Good!

My question to you is, are you doing them for you? Are the resolutions (i.e. the commitments) you've made, for you - about you - and to get what you want, for you? Or are they all based on how you wish others to perceive you? On your view of what others expect of you? Or how you believe you should be helping to care for others?

Your first and only commitment is to yourself. No matter what!

If you want to lose weight, it's so YOU feel good. (Not so the opposite sex will desire you more.) If you want to do better financially, it's so YOU can have the things that you want in life. (Not in an effort to make others like you more or to give someone else what you believe they deserve.) If you want better sex, it's for YOU to enjoy it. (Not for the other person to think more highly of you.)

Every commitment you make should be based on YOU and YOUR desired outcome for your life. Think about every resolution you've made - who are you doing it for? If the answer is YOU, you're doing it for the right reasons. If it's for someone else, even for your kids, then, you need to think again.

It's time to get selfish.

yea, I said it.

No Excuses.

I'm not here to hold people's hands and sing Kumbaya. I'm here for the real-life overhaul to help you get what you want - for YOU! -I*V

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