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  • by Jackie-Victoria

Instant Life Changes Cause Us to Dwell on the Past. Don't Give In!


In a split second, life can change.

Something can be given to you or taken from you.

It is the instant changes in life that leave us the least amount of time to process. That is why most of us spend an inordinate amount of energy looking back on regrets and hurts rather than looking forward to positive changes that are taking place and what is to come.

Push forward focus. Don't look back. There's no reason whatsoever to dwell. Because if you do, you will get caught in the quicksand. And although I am not a clinical physician, I will say, in the realm of psychology it is well-known that people often become addicted to their pain. Most of us will say we don't want to be in pain however, the reality is many of us either don't know how to live without it or feel better trapped in it. Chaos keeps our adrenaline flowing. So does working out. But, we don't workout because it's not that easy. It's far easier to get lost in time, trapped in our thoughts, and spend countless hours, days, months, trying to wrap our head around our life changes.

Grieving is one thing however, unless you are in need of more information so you can learn from your pain and better yourself, there's truly no reason to look back. Because there will never be a good enough reason 'why' you lost your job, your relationship, your child, your friend, your parents... There will never be a good enough reason 'why' somene didn't love us the way they should. Searching for those answers is a waste of time. Processing why you were willing to put up with mediocirty, with constant pain, with hurt, with denial, and with all of those things we didn't recognize along the way is how you come out of chaos and arrive into living your own life. Because rarely are the warning signs not there. The fact is, we too often miss the warning signs while painting a better picture of reality than what our lives actually look like.

The past is the past. Lock the door to yesterday and see how much better life becomes by CHOOSING to take control of your life today and move it in a direction you wish to go.

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