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  • by Jackie-Victoria

Without Commitment, What Do You Have?

Commitment = Drive

When you commit to something, You come first. Always. It’s not your responsibility to make others happy. It’s not your responsibility to sacrifice your needs. Could a plant survive if it gave all of itself away?

Without commitment, you have no end-goal in mind. Dating without commitment is an open-ended relationship. What is being built? There's no wedding bell bliss here. It's simply friendship taken to a deeper level until one of you find something better, more meaningful to commit to. That’s it.

A job without commitment is a stepping stone into the next job because the one you have isn't suiting you or your employer well. There's no raise at the end of this rainbow. Because without commitment, you were never truly invested.

Dreams without commitment are just ideas and thoughts that float through the mind aimlessly. Some take hold. Some can be reached but, ultimately there is no foundation to build upon.

No matter what it is in life you face, without commitment, you have no foundation for the obstacles you must overcome to get to the end-goal.

Nothing in life is easy all the time. In fact, that which is easy is hardly worth it.

Commitment is the determination that no matter what happens, nothing will stand between you and your goal – NOTHING!

What challenges do you face in your life and where are your commitments today? Do you need to change a commitment you have? Or focus on a commitment already in place?

Most importantly, have you taken a chance to be honest with yourself in what you are commiting to?

Because YOU are what's most important in the story of your life!

Yes...You! Wouldn't you agree?

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