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  • by Jackie-Victoria

A Commitment to Self-Control

What does commitment mean to you?


Is commitment a choice?

Is commitment a decision?

Is commitment an emotion?

Is commitment simply desire?

Commitment is all of these things however, commitment doesn’t act on its own. It is an inactive ingredient of success. The active ingredient that creates a reaction for a commitment to stick is discipline, better known as, Self-Control.

Commitment without discipline is simply an intention. It is Self-Control that activiates the power within you to reach your intended goal.

Self-Control & Commitment are inseparable. They are also undeniable ingredients of Success.

Just as H2O can’t be formed with out 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom to make water, success can’t be formed without intention and self-control. Both of which equal Discipline.

What did you commit to doing this year? And do you have a map to see it through and get there?

What disciplined decisions and choices will you have to make and/or change emotionally, spiritually, intentionally, and passionately to see you to your goal?

Self-control has never been easy when we are tempted with distractions such as a night out with the girls, a torrid romance when the time isn't right, or the urge to hit the mall (even though we know we shouldn't).

Short-term goals can blind-side us to our long-term vision, which is why it's important to

stay focused on long-term results rather than short -term gain.

Do you have the commitment, self-control, & determination it takes to find massive success in for your life and in your relationships?

p.s. I answered the question for you. I think you do! :) And if you don't see it already, soon enough you will see just how amazing you truly are and have always been… All it takes is a little perspective. -I*V

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