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  • Jackie Victoria

The difference a second can make...


The difference a second can make is astounding...

Ever notice in one second your whole world can change?

In a split second life can be taken from you or given to you.

You can go from the top to the bottom. Or from the bottom to the top.

Everything that happens, happens in less than the blink of an eye. Like a film flickering, our lives are comprised of moments. Moments that matter.

Do you remember the second you knew a relationship was taking a turn? Do you recall the minute you said you had enough of something or someone ... or maybe you couldn't get enough of someone or something ... and you made a change? Do you recall the second you made the decision to max out your credit card? Or the second you paid off your car or house or something important to you? Do you remember the moment you took a stand for something and it changed how you live your life? Do your remember how it felt, and what the repercussions of all those moments were?

Do you remember the second a kiss changed everything?

Or the second you said 'yes' when you should have said 'no, or said 'no' when you should have said 'yes'? Do you remember the second something changed your life forever?

Life is filled with momments - seconds - that matter. Seconds full of emotion.

What we do when we are in that moment filled with emotion matters...

How we harness, control, and channel our emotions is what makes those seconds count. It's how we make the decisions we do.

Do you take chances when they are given to you? Or do you let fear rule that moment?

Do you follow through on the things you said you would do? Or do you lack commitment and make excuses keeping you from success?

It's imporant to be honest with yourself when reflecting on life.

As you look back, remember, in one second, from December 31, 11:59pm to 12:00am Janurary 1 the world changes. It marks a new beginning. Are you ready to live out the best version of your life?

What will you do with the 31,536,000 seconds you're given this year?

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