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Invincible Victoria's Recipe Book

Delicious YOU!


The Recipe to creating the life you want to live: 

Live the best version of yourself always.

        Don't wait. Go out and get what you want for YOU! 

After all, you're the only one who can. 

     There are 3 key ingredients to getting what you want.  


The Ingredients are: 

1. Be Fearless... not ruthless. There's a difference.

2.  Kickass & make life look easy, even when it's not!

3. Be Beautiful while making your life happen!  


You don't need to ask permission to be who you are - ever!

Anyone who truly loves you wouldn't ask you to change to fit their needs.

Now go kick some ass! Be delicious you!



        A message from:Jackie Victoria   

     We've all had pain and hardships to overcome in our lives. Most of us have been in less than stellar relationships at some point in time. We've felt betrayed, remorse, and violated at some time or another - be it with loved ones, friends, or bosses.  Most especially with exes. 

If this is you, you're not alone.


All of us have been dealt some cards in life we either weren't prepared for or didn't exactly ask for.   Even still, we all deserve to live, to love, & to succeed.  Including you. Right?


But how?


By stepping out of chaos and getting the support, encouragment, and confidence you need to live happily-ever-after. It's your turn to get what you want for you! 




Because those in the past who haven't supported you in who you are don't deserve a place in your world.  


Countless motivators (from Les Brown to Oprah to Zig Ziglar) teach 'there's no limit to what you can achieve when you believe. And I agree!  But how do you do that when it feels like the rest of your world is crumbling?  And how do you do that when you feel like everything you try ends up at a dead-end?  What do you do when you feel like no one understands you? How do you find confidence when your entires world has been turned upside-down?


The answer: Let I*V coach you and/of find the help you need. 

Everyone wants a team of cheerleaders cheering them on their way to success.  It's not easy being on your own or starting over, no mattter what life sittuation you're facing. But, sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand until you can hold it for yourself.  And that's OKAY! That's why I'm here.  That's why I*V exists. Because I believe in your ability to overcome the obstacles in your life and to believe in YOUrself again.


Invincible Victoria was created so no woman would ever have to feel alone.  It is a company that creates conversations and a sense of community for women to overcome life's obstables by training on: fear and fearlessness, kicking ass when it seems least likely to even get out of bed in the morning, and how to feel beautiful by your own standards - not worldly ideals of beauty.

(Because nothing on Reality TV is beautiful! .. and no one truly wants to be Kim Kardashian! Just sayin!) 




Nick Carioti & JackieVictoria

The Nick Cariot Show Sundays @ 10am

CBS Sports & Entertainment Radio

810 CBS, 93.1 FM and 94.1 FM or through the Tune-In App

I*V was created as a resource, a tool, and a place to find classes, motivational stories, and to find comfort that a group of people get it - we feel you (and all the issues you face)!  Now, it's time to move through it!  


It's truly no one else's job to believe in you...which is why we're working to help you learn the tools you need to step out of chaos and get what you want for you!  You and you alone are responsible for you.


"Wow! That's harsh, Jackie!" some say.  Yes, I know.  I'm raw. Real.  And proud to be! Because at the end of the day, no one is walking into a board room for you, asking for a raise or reading your mind in feeling under-valued, no one is handing you bonus checks for no reason in particular... No one is picking out your husband by going on dates beside you, fixing or living in your relationships with you, having sex with someone on your behalf to help you feel less lonely, writing your school papers to finally graduate, or raising your children the way only you can. Let's be REAL. Honest. And committed about the issues we face and the topic we discuss.  That's my promise to you. Being real about the issues you face is what helps others and releases the stress you carry with you in your day to day. It's time to let go and shift focus. 


The moment you take that to heart is the moment life begins to change.  

Begin on your journey to getting what you want for you!  After all, don't you deserve it?  Doesn't the world deserve to get to know you? Fill out the  'Join the Movement' card above and let's get this party started! 


In the words of Holistic Health Coach Shahnaz Nensey, "it is divine responsibility to share your being and energy with others."  

Amen to that sister!- I*V

'No Excuses!'

Join the Movement



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