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Need a Personal Coach to Motivate You?

Someone to kick your ass, get your head in the game, get you mentally fit, create a plan for your life, and launch you into action?

We all do! It's time for you to take back control of your life.

It's time for you to invest in you!

 Click here to schedule a 30-minute Reboot session! 

Dating & Mating Relationship Expert & Confidence Coaching


Be it in sex, love, health, or finances, everyone needs help every now and again.


It's I*V's belief when people incorporate a healthy mindset and find balance in those areas, they can shift their perspective and feel confident, desired, beautiful, financially-abled, emotionally independent, and in control of their lives again! 


Are you ready to change your life and get the support you need to live out the most amazing version of who you are?! Book a 30 minute appointment today and let's talk! Click here to get started!


No more excuses! Just do it!

Heartbreak & Confidence Rescue Coaching

Because One Person Shouldn't Destroy You!

We've all been through it. That one relationship that didn't make sense but we thought it did so we stuck it out to make it work. And now...disaster!


If you, your best friend, or someone you know is in need of a heartbreak rescue & confidence reboot, I have just the program for her! While it may not bring prince charming around over night, bring back an ex, or solve all her relationships woes, it will certainly help her get back on her feet to her happily-ever-after (post-traumatic break-up)! 


Click here to get started! 

Gift Codes are emailed. Send as a gift to the woman in your life you love.

30-minutes may be just the amount of encouragement she needs!

Accountability Coaching Partner


Successful people see a task they don't want to do - and they do it anyway. But they didn't do it alone. Ask any successful person and there will be someone who held them accounable in their journey to success.

People don't fail from a lack of willpower. People fail from a lack of immediate results. There's a difference. It's easy to become disengaged from the goal when immediate results don't show. It's literally a mental workout to stay mentally fit. Use it or lose it. 


Every now and again we need someone to kick our head into high-gear and get us back in the game. That's what I do! Click here and let's get started. Tell me your dreams and desires and let's strategize how to keep you accountable to your life goals... even if that goal is simply to get out of bed & get moving!




Women's Empowerment Speaker

Fearless. Kickass. Beauty.

Empowering speaking engagements that Inspire and ignite passion for all those in attendance! 

Confidence, Sex, Love, & Relationships! Get What You Want for YOU!

Contact I*V today to discuss bringing a powerful dynamic positive message to your women's audience today! 




Course & Lessons Available for You or a Group of Women you Love

I'M brOKen

Your audience members need to know that they are amazing! That they are not alone in the struggles they face in confidence, emotional stress, unhealthy relatiolnships, on being unorganized, unbalanced, unhealthy, or in hating their self-image. 


Every once in a while it's important to hear that all the doubt they have about who they are, their ability to survive crisis, and their ability to overcome the struggles and pain in their life is simply a moment in time. They need to know they have it within them to succeed.  Because when they succeed, your organization, mission, and company succeeds!


We are all bursts of energy.  When other people steal our energy through ridicule, condemnation, or through demands of unfathomable mention, we can feel as though we've already died. A flickering light is all it takes for a soul to be reignited to believe in the power of who they are and reignite their life! All it takes is effective encouragment, motivation, and the right resources in place. Contact me (Jackie Victoria) now and let's talk about how to reach your audiences with a profound message of hope that will shape your organization's mission and transform a broken life. - I*V

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You're stronger than you think!

Ask me to show you how amazing you are ...

Ask me to get you closer to the goal! I dare you!

Book an appointment with me now & let's get you solutions to change your life!

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