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The Company

Invincible Victoria LLC is an empowerment company focused on helping emotionally overwhelmed women living unhealthy lifestyles or in unhealthy relationships to get into a mindset of radiant confidence & set a plan for success in motion!


Invincible Victoria's coaching & training is centered on ‘how to take back control and own life without asking for permission.’  


Be it in sex, love, health, or finances, everyone needs help every now and again.  


Professional Services Include:

  • Starting Life Over & Healthy Living Courses

  • Confidence Coaching (courses & training)

  • Expert Dating & Mating Relationship Coaching (courses & training)

  • After-Heartbreak Confidence Coaching

  • Life Goals & Personal Development Planning

  • Motivational Talks to groups 

  • Life Goals & Personal Development


Invincible Victoria is a company committed to redefining strength, determination, and beauty in a media age that lacks foundation, roots, or the notion of what it truly means to be beautiful. But there is a way to get there and I*V shows women how.



Founder Jackie Victoria

Founder & CEO Jackie Victoria is a "No Excuses" kind of gal taking a different approach to building confidence and combating women's issues.


Jackie Victoria also has a passion for helping women from abusive and emotionally traumatic relationships start life over. Why?


Recent studies show nearly 2 in 4 women will endure living in a sexually or physically abusive relationship in their lifetime. Add in all the women unaccounted for who will endure psychological and emotional trauma prior to a relationship getting physcially violent and you have a lot more than 2 in 4.  Those behaviors get passed down to children setting the stage for more lives to be ruined. It is a perpetuated cycle - even if an abuser never lifted a finger.


Unlike a soldier who goes to battle clear on the enemy target, abuse found within our relationships is a silent killer.


I*V works with women through motivational talks & training seminars as an under the radar tool to identify women living in abusive relationships and empower them without stigma, isolation, or an over-dramatized conviction of "being a victim."



The Mission:

Domestic Violence and unhealthy relationships can be obvious when physical violence is present. But, what if it's not?


Women living in homes and relationships of emotional, financial, and/or psychological trauma don’t actually know they are living that way. Phyisical abuse is the last stage in Domestic Violence and by then it can be too late for a woman to get out. This company is focused on getting women out no matter which stage they are in.



The 'Great Big Why?'

It is I*V's position that women who incorporate a healthy mindset and find balance between their emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial well-being that they are able to shift their perspective and feel confident, desired, beautiful, financially-abled, emotionally independent, and in control of their lives again!



When it comes to the foundation of the company and why it is Jackie Victoria's passion she says:


“It is my firm belief that confident women make smart choices in all areas of life. Smart choices lead to happy relationships and financial security. Happy relationships and financial security provide happy homes. Happy homes model healthy relationships with mentally healthy happy children. Happy children grow up to live in healthy relationships. Healthy relationships lift one another up and create positive environments without asking others to sacrifice who they are.  And thus, the world goes around with positivity and peace for the human soul...There’s nothing better than watching someone grow from their circumstance. No matter if it's financial hardships and overcoming it with success, or working towards a dream and achieving it, or standing up for who you are and no longer allowing someone else to be in control. All of which make a woman  'Fearless. Kickass. & Beautiful.'  Simply put, that's what I stand for."


- Jackie Victoria -

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Invincible Victoria, LLC is a for-profit company. Funding received is directly applied toward scholarship funding to women in need, motivational-educational programs, and outreach initiatives to bring awareness into local communities. Thank you in advance for your support!  

To contact us for speaking inquiries or list of services provided, please contact us here.  

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