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​Step out of chaos and take back control!  Discover hidden strengths & the courage within you to release toxicity from your life and overcome self-sabotage in relationships to get what you want for you! It's time to reclaim your self-worth in every area of your life!


     Invincible (I*V) Victoria, creator of HealthyMindHealthyYou - a Confidence Recovery & Relationship Consulting Firm, specializes in helping women and men end the cycle of relationship toxicity. Programs are designed to identify the relationship you're in, recognize communication styles, develop deeper understanding for the love you seek, and ultimately to break free from narcissistic abuse (& selfish personality types ) restoring you to a healthy mind, and ultimately - a healthy you! Find out for yourself what it is to truly be able to love again… 

You've come to the right place!  Are you looking to understand yourself and/or the relationship you're in?  Book a consultation and let's delve deeper. 


Check us out on social media:  HealthyMindHealthYou communities offer a safe place to investigate, share, and be validated for how you feel while peeking into the lives of those who have stood where you stand to see for yourself that you are not alone. 

Need Help Understanding What's on Going on in the Relationship You're In?! Book Online Now! 

Create the Love you Desire!

Relationship Consultant & coach

I_V's Blueprint to Love Work Guide - Dat


Be the Fun Confident Chick I Know You are

& Find Love that Rocks!

Specializing in "high-conflict" relationship patterns

-narcissistic, CHAOTIC, & toxic breakups-


 Divorce Consultant (non-attorney)

  pOST-separation Communication Coach

It's never too late to...

  • Overcome Mental Obstacles

  • Eliminate Unhealthy Relationships

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

  • Handle Your Business & Your Boss

  • Take Control of Your Life

  • Start a New Circle of Friends

  • Let go of Heartbreak & Self-Sabotage ..


...take back control of your life!

               No Excuses!

Get what you want for you!

Dating & Relationships: Need to Gain Confidence

in the Dating Arena & Understand What's Going on in the Dating World After Toxic Love & Divorce? What's Keeping You From the Love You Want? Ready to Overcome Your Obstacles?

This Coaching Intensive is For You!



In this 90-minute introductory session to how coaching can raise your energy and empower you to change your life, I*V works with you to create a personalized Blueprint to finding love that fits, acknowledge the blocks and identify potential self-sabotage habits keeping you from what you desire most helping you move from feeling invisible to invincible when it comes to dating & relationships!

Book with Invincible Victoria now to schedule your session and let's get this party started!

Book with I*V!   : )

In addition to traditional coaching, I*V is passionate about speaking to, motivating, & helping women to heal from emotionally abusive relationships & heartbreak by bringing positive energy into a place of self-love while empowering each woman to live their passion & purpose!

From the Desk of I*V

Love's Epic Fail

is in the failure to love ourselves and allowing others to be in control of our lives...

—  Name, Title


What RELATIONSHIP challenges are you facing? Have a crazy fun story to share? Sign up now and tell me about it! 

Then check the Invincible Victoria Blog in then following weeks to see if you got responses!

I*V will never use your full name.  

Success! Message Received! Thank you for taking the time to reach out! I will be back with you shortly. Namaste. Have an amazing day! - Jackie Victoria (Invincible Victoria)

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